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Non dairy creamer


Vegetable fat-dried beancurd


Product Details

Coffee Mate, Three-in-one instant coffee special creamer powder

Product application: all kinds of coffee mate, blending a variety of coffee

Product model: C40 K60

Product Features:

A improve coffee color, increase whiteness

B soft coffee taste, improve the smoothness

C inhibits the bitter taste of coffee and masks the bad smell

D the granulated product has better reconstitution

E is suitable for different kinds of coffee, does not produce white turbidity

Special vegetable fat powder for milk tea

Product application: all kinds of original milk tea, fruit flavor milk tea, etc

Product Features:

A Improve the color of tea soup to give it the brightness of silk

B inhibit the bitter taste of tea soup, mask bad smell

C to provide pure natural flavor milk

D the granulated product has better reconstitution

E smooth taste, rich taste

Special vegetable fat powder for oatmeal

Product Application: Oatmeal Products

Product model: S45 30AA 32AA

Product Features:

A improve the instant solubility and lubrication of oatmeal, improve flavor

B enhances the milk texture of oatmeal, fragrant and smooth, thick and smooth

C to provide vegetable oil and sodium caseinate, enhance nutritional value, to meet the requirements of modern health

Special baking powder grease

Product Application: Bread, cake, beef tongue crisp and other baking pastry

Product Features:

A Improve the organizational structure of baked products

B make the taste delicate, taste mellow, enhance its flavor

C strengthens the gluten strength, improves the physical properties of the dough, and improves the operating performance

D can prevent the aging of baked products and extend the shelf life

E Cream for baked products, non-hygroscopic

F high fat products can be used for all kinds of baking powder

Special Cream Powder for Ice Cream

Product Application: ice cream, ice cream

Product model: A451 A70 A701 K80 DR50

Product Features:

A Improve the taste of the product and enhance the fineness of the product

B enhances the degree of expansion of the product and provides the emulsifying performance of the product

Special vegetable fat powder for condiment and soup

Product application: soup bag, seasoning bag

Product model: 30C1 30C

Product Features:

A adjust soup color, increase whiteness

B to improve lubrication

C make the taste delicate, taste mellow

D higher sodium caseinate, providing better cost performance

Special powder grease for infant formula

Product application: Cream Powder (CP powder for short) is an important raw material for the production of high-grade infant formula milk powder, pregnant women, pregnant women and middle-aged and elderly formula milk powder.

Product model: N50

Product Features:

A according to different customer requirements, there are iron supplement, lowering blood fat, lowering blood pressure and other categories

B is rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids (DHA, EPA,AA, linoleic acid, linolenic acid) and the ratio is reasonable

C with lactose as the carrier, more suitable for formula milk powder

D has good dispersion and solubility, which can improve the reconditioning of formula milk powder.

E can add functional ingredients such as bifidobacteria that help intestinal function, various Chinese herbal extracts

non-trans fatty acid vegetable fat powder

Product application: milk tea, coffee, etc

Product Features:

A No trans fatty acids, healthier, lower risk of cardiovascular disease

B. Maintaining a good taste and aroma

C to enhance the appearance of the product, solubility and foaming

Special Cream Powder for Whipping Cream

Product application: cake decorating, smearing, interlayer, western food, ice cream powder, etc

Product model: J50

Product Features:

A vegetable fat, low sugar, powdery solid, water soluble, after cooling whipping can be used for food processing. Room temperature preservation, health, transportation and use more convenient

B delicate organization, improve shape retention

C can better replace the vegetable fat cream, solve the vegetable fat cream oil transportation, storage and use of inconvenient

Acid-resistant vegetable fat powder

Product application: used for yogurt, acidic milk drinks, acidic protein drinks, etc.

Product Features:

A has stable performance, no stratification and no precipitation in beverages at pH 4 or so.

B enhances the milk texture of the drink and lubricates the rich taste

C improves the energy and nutritional value of the product

D to remove the bad taste in the beverage, make the product mellow and delicious

Special vegetable fat powder for pasta

Product application: mainly used in steamed bread, bread, noodles, all kinds of noodles, instant noodles and other pasta

Product Features:

A increases the gloss and whiteness of pasta products, delays the aging and hardening of pasta products, and has a certain softening effect

B promotes heat transfer and makes pasta products easier to cook

C can make the skin is not easy to stick, easier to mass production

D Improve the taste and flavor of pasta

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