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Provincial Party Committee Secretary Qiang Wei Enters Wilbao Special Action to Reduce Costs for Enterprises


On June 13, Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Qiang Wei, accompanied by Yichun Municipal Party Committee Secretary Deng Baosheng, Mayor Jiang Bin, Gaoan Municipal Party Committee Secretary Nie Zhisheng, Mayor Yuan Hegeng, etc., went to his third hanging point park-Gaoan Industrial Park to investigate and promote "Reduce Enterprise Costs and Optimize the Development Environment" special action. The vice president of the Food Association-Jiangxi Weierbao Food Biology Co., Ltd. is one of the ten enterprises investigated by the secretary.
The sun was shining brightly in the afternoon, as was the excitement and enthusiasm of the Wilbao staff. Secretary Qiang Wei carefully inquired about the technical principle of non-dairy creamer products, took the brewed milky liquid and observed it carefully, feeling that the oil of the liquid was turned into powder after being processed by high-tech microcapsule technology. When Chairman Yang Aiming introduced that Master Kang's convenient flour bag also had products from Weilbao, the secretary smiled and said, I ate your products a few days ago! After learning about the honor won by the enterprise, the secretary praised it repeatedly. Secretary Qiangwei, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, and Secretary-General of the Provincial Party Committee Zhu Hong also visited the production workshop and learned in detail about the production process of non-dairy creamer. Walking in a clean and tidy passage that meets the requirements of a modern food factory, and listening to Chairman Yang Aiming's introduction of the company's emphasis on food safety, the secretary kept nodding.
In the more than a month since the implementation of the special action of "reducing costs and improving the environment", it has been like a spring breeze, sending rain and dew to enterprises and urging vitality. In accordance with the requirements of the "Notice" and in comparison with its 80 preferential policies and regulations, Verbao Company can bring 11 tangible benefits to the enterprise, with a dividend of 4218267 yuan.
Secretary Qiangwei sent a message to entrepreneurs in the province that they must firmly seize the policy opportunities brought to Jiangxi by the cordial care of the Party Central Committee, firmly seize the historical opportunity of Jiangxi's development and work hard, and firmly seize Jiangxi to create a "unique scenery here." The development opportunity of the environment, strengthen confidence, focus on innovation, strive to enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, and strive to create a new realm of development and upgrading with new achievements that are continuously bigger, stronger and better.
Jiangxi Weierbao Food Biology Co., Ltd. will also take advantage of the favorable policies of the Party Central Committee, the State Council, the Provincial Party Committee, and the Provincial Government to pay more attention to technological innovation and technological innovation, and strive to enhance the company's own strength, and make the company bigger, stronger and better., To make a certain contribution to the economic take-off of Jiangxi.